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Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Companies - 2018


The pharmaceutical supply chain is at the brink of transformation. Higher consumer expectations, an increase in scrutiny from regulators, and an unprecedented slowdown in mergers and acquisitions has pushed pharmaceutical companies to an inflection point. At this backdrop, supplychain management systems rises to the occasion to help pharmaceutical companies radically enhances their business performance by delivering drugs to the customers in a faster, better, and profitable manner.

With the proliferation of markets being serviced, organizations are pushing forward global inventory management systems to help ensure that each region is serviced with as little overhead as possible. End-to-end visibility theme is picking up steam at most pharmaceutical supply chain conferences and companies have been investing for years in consolidating their solutions with ERP. For better delivery of drugs, pharma companies are focused on the possibility of using GPS and other tracking technologies for high-value payloads.

Along the path of innovative practices, the future will see organizations leveraging a slew of newly available solutions to “turn on” their supply chains— making them business-aware and able to predict outcomes and prescribe actions autonomously. Similar to Uber, Amazon Prime Now, and other service models in other industries that rely heavily on cloud, Big Data, and machine learning, there is significant promise for return on investment in supply chain automation tools—something that pharmaceutical companies will begin to experiment with in earnest. In the coming years, these advancements will continue to evolve to make the entire supply chain autonomous.

In an effort to help decision makers identify the best supply chain management solution provider, a panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, along with the PharmaTech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed scores of supply chain management solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices. We have considered the vendor’s ability in designing and building advanced supply chain solutions that cater to the organization’s needs.

We present to you PharmaTech Outlook’s “Top 10 SupplyChain Pharma Solution Providers- 2018.”

    Pharma Supply Chain Solutions companies

  • Manages clinical and ancillary supply and simplify I-IV trial supply demands

  • Company provides innovative services that solve complex clinical trial supply problems, such as limited drug supply, time constraints, and patient enrolment

  • Provides technology and data science to improve outcomes for consumers and those who serve them

  • Logistyx helps businesses reduce shipping costs, boost efficiency and enhance customer service

  • Vizient Savings Actualyzer is an integrated opportunity engine, which is connected to a dynamic, single data source to give a repeatable, reliable, and flexible framework

  • BluJay Solutions

    BluJay Solutions

    Provides supply chain software and services to retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and logistics service providers

  • Cloudleaf


    Offers a mesh of intelligent IoT sensors, endpoints, gateways and cloud technologies, called Sensor Fabric™ that generates a unique digital fingerprint with location and contextual metadata for physical assets

  • D.W. Morgan

    D.W. Morgan

    Provides Supply On Demand® for their clients by combining transportation management and logistics services with coordinated, real-time information and strategic consulting, Morgan dramatically improves efficiency and reduces costs—while maximizing flexibility

  • Iptor


    Delivers solutions that help distribution-focused organisations manage and solve their most complex order management and fulfilment challenges within multi-channel, fragmented global supply chains

  • Marken


    Vizient Savings Actualyzer is an integrated opportunity engine, which is connected to a dynamic, single data source to give a repeatable, reliable, and flexible framework