Logistyx Technologies: Supply Chain Optimization Experts

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Logistyx Technologies: Supply Chain Optimization Experts

Geoffrey Finlay, CEO, Logistyx TechnologiesGeoffrey Finlay, CEO
Shipping of pharmaceutical drug products generally involves long, complex routes and requires temperature-controlled environments. In addition to these, pharmaceutical organizations face other challenges such as temperature excursions, custom delays, packaging breakdowns, incorrect shipping, and packaging choices. To help pharmaceutical organizations overcome these challenges, Logistyx Technologies has developed a shipping software solution that addresses critical industry characteristics including packaging constraints, cold chain attributes, and so on to improve efficiency.

“My vision for our company is ensuring that industry analysts will point to Logistyx Technologies as a textbook example of how to succeed in providing Transportation Management Execution (TME) systems and multi-carrier parcel shipping software solutions to customers all over the world,” says Geoffrey Finlay, CEO at Logistyx Technologies. The company has been working with their customers to reduce the costs of their shipments while boosting efficiency and choice. Logistyx TME desktop shipping solution helps small organizations save money on manual fulfillment while the fully automated solutions help large and sophisticated shippers improve high-velocity systems. Additionally, by leveraging the company’s data collection capabilities, customers can benefit from platform-wide enhancements and also easily obtain insights from their data which would lead to substantial cost reductions and service enhancements.

By understanding that one of the best ways to get control over shipping costs is to manage all carriers in a single shipping platform, the Logistyx shipping software helps their customers load multiple carriers and models to compare and choose the best option based on cost and service.
Additionally, the company also offers their customers the choice of an integrated shipping solution. The Logistyx multi-carrier shipping software solutions integrate with both their customer’s management applications, or with eCommerce software such as Shopify, Magento, and so on to come up with a seamless solution. Additionally, being certified for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime offers their customers to take advantage of their Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

With sellers removing borders and shipping goods to consumers worldwide, the Logistyx multi-carrier shipping solution helps in automatically receiving international orders and streamlining the entire process for global distribution from a single location. Furthermore, the software’s omnichannel fulfillment enables retailers to serve their customers from any fulfillment location— warehouse, supplier, and store locations.

Logistyx Technologies’ customers include pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, mail order pharmacies, online stores, and so on. In an instance, one of their leading customers, Grover Medical, a leading supplier of products and services to the healthcare facilities in the Southeast, wanted to implement a next-generation platform that would be ideal for the company keeping future growth in mind. For this, Grover Medical’s VP of Operations Michael Laico and his team chose Epicor’s Prophet 21 distribution software system and Logistyx Technologies’ multi-carrier shipping software system integrated with Zebra ring scanners and printers. By working with Logistyx, Grover Medical was able to receive many benefits including reduced labor in the shipping area, 12 times faster-shipping speed, enhanced freight planning tools, enabled designing of own reports with Ship-IT reporting software, and so on.

In its bid to expand the global SaaS and on-premise parcel transportation management software platform, in July this year, Grover Medical acquired Transparix, a TME software-as-a-service (SaaS) company headquartered in the Netherlands. “Transparix brings high-quality transportation management execution technology, a rich development team and a wealth of industry knowledge to Logistyx,” adds Finlay.

With a team of more than 150 logistics professionals, Logistyx Technologies is headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, with more offices in the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, and Singapore. Their continued growth in the form of sales and M&A initiatives has also resulted in doubling their headcount since its inception in May 2017.
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