Inmar, Inc.: Revolutionizing Logistics Management for Pharmacies

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Inmar, Inc.: Revolutionizing Logistics Management for Pharmacies

L. David Mounts, Chairman & CEO, Inmar, Inc.L. David Mounts, Chairman & CEO
Today, hospital pharmacy departments face significant operational pressure due to legacy processes, insufficient technology, and compliance mandates. This pressure comes from a variety of challenges such as missing dosages that lead to wasted inventory and medication event resolution, kit restocking that increases costs due to excess inventory and poor tracking information, tracking lapses that result in improper medication security and storage and reduced medication cart control, and so on. This is due to the inability of existing systems to track, secure, and trace the distribution of medications from the pharmacy, thereby resulting in wasted materials, wasted labor, dangerous distractions, and compliance losses. To this regard, North Carolina-based Inmar Inc. has developed MedEx—a suite of products that are designed to prepare, track, secure, distribute, and confirm medication deliveries.

In 2017, Inmar acquired the MedEx product line from Aethon. MedEx is a modular suite of products that consists of software and connected hardware components aimed at controlling, securing, and tracking the preparation and distribution of medications. This suite includes three products— MedEx, for medication preparation and courier chain of custody; TubeSafe, to secure pneumatic tube delivery & tracking; and TraySafe, for tray & kit replenishment and tracking. This acquisition has strengthened the company’s technology and analytics based offering for hospital pharmacies to increase compliance, efficiency, and safety.

A comprehensive pharmacy logistics solution, MedEx mainly focuses on issues related to late, missing, or divergent medication deliveries.
The suite delivers a range of benefits for their customers including improved patient safety by eliminating interruptions and distractions, removal of time-consuming missing medication requests, proper medication chain-of-custody compliance and secured delivery, a supply of powerful tools to implement and manage lean workflow processes, increased visibility to medications stored in intermediate locations such as med rooms, and enhanced communication and workflow with nursing.

The combination of high-quality service delivery, personal connection with pharmacies and best-in-class technology made Inmar the preferred provider

As a testimony to these benefits provided by the company, Inmar has been awarded the Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution Program (PRDP) contract by Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Medical Supply Chain for Department of Defense CONUS (continental United States) locations covering the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines Corps and Coast Guard as well as OCONUS (outside the continental United States) locations for the Coast Guard. Inmar has been selected for its ability to deliver optimal credit and inventory efficiencies for the Department of Defense by leveraging data analytics on its pharmaceutical reverse distribution supply chain processing facility in Fort Worth, Texas. “The combination of high-quality service delivery, personal connection with pharmacies and best-in-class technology made Inmar the preferred provider for this solution, and we are honored to embark on this relationship with the Department of Defense, and each branch of the Armed Forces individually,” says L. David Mounts, Chairman & CEO at Inmar Inc. Additionally, delivers its services to 84 percent of hospitals nationwide, 95 percent of all wholesaler returns and 10 of the top 15 manufacturers.

Founded in 1980, Inmar began as a company that would apply technology to the practice of coupon settlement. Today the company has taken that philosophy of applying technology to complex transactions all the while operating intelligent commerce networks that aim to improve the quality, efficiency, and collaboration among retailers, manufacturers, and other trading partners. Inmar securely manages billions of dollars in transactions and provides clients with market insights from the data to meet the evolving needs of shoppers, patients, and businesses. With its headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the company offers its solutions and services in locations throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.
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