Ancillare: Clinical and Ancillary Supply Chain Experts

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Ancillare: Clinical and Ancillary Supply Chain Experts

Joanne Santomauro, Founder & CEO, AncillareJoanne Santomauro, Founder & CEO
In 2006, the sponsor of a global clinical trial challenged Ancillare, a company taking its first steps towards a business that was wholly dedicated to ancillary supply chain management, to come up with a solution to fix a critical business problem. The sponsor’s clinical teams tasked with getting life-saving therapies to the market faster were also overwhelmed by the demands of sourcing, organizing, and accounting related to their work. In essence, the logistics of the ancillary supply chain was in a world of chaos, and the managing of ancillary supplies was costly. Ancillare soon realized that this challenge was resonating throughout the industry. To counter this, the company arms sponsors of global clinical trials with a customized, end-to-end Ancillare Supply Plan, enabling developers of new therapies to optimize their clinical study supply chains.

Ancillare has come up with the world’s first end-to-end solution for Clinical and Ancillary Supply Chain Management optimization—Ancillare Turn-Key Operation (A-TKO). The solution simplifies and centralizes supply chain operations while also managing a sponsor’s clinical and ancillary supply chains. It embraces the complexities and globalization of clinical and ancillary supply chains by reducing the overall cost and cycle time of clinical trials. For this, it consolidates all the vendors to help their customers have a single pint-of-contact and a single invoice. By leveraging the solution, customers can benefit from pass-along, found savings, while also accelerating study supply process, increasing visibility across the entire supply chain, and mitigating the risks. This has helped their customers achieve improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and proactive manageability in their clinical and ancillary supply chains. Additionally, they also offer a dedicated A-TKO team with hundreds of supply chain and clinical operations experts across 22 master and strategic depots covering more than 100 countries to ensure that the sights receive human wisdom, insights, and expertise and not just benefit from catalogs or ordering systems.

No matter how rapidly or exponentially things have changed on the global stage, we’ll always be ready to respond in service to our sponsors

By implementing the solution, customers can achieve more than 35 percent supply chain cost savings and up to 10 percent savings on commodity pricing.

The company’s unique clinical trials process management services portfolio includes ancillary and clinical supplies management, regulatory compliance services and global logistics management. Their Ancillare Professional Team (APT) facilitates flexible staff augmentation to service large and complex modern protocols.

Additionally, to enhance process visibility and accountability across the entire supply chain, the company’s services are supported by the customized Ancillare Supply Chain Management System (ANSUMS). It provides a central repository for all critical study documents to meet the most vital management requirements of the study.

One of the key factors driving the company’s growth throughout the world has been Joanne Santomauro’s leadership. She has completed the Committee of 200 Growing Entrepreneurs Program in 2005 and the Tuck School of Business Executive Program in 2008. She is also a recipient of the 2011 Enterprising Women of the Year and Marcum’s Innovator of the Year awards. Under her leadership, the company has grown from a startup organization to an industry leader by bringing forth the transformation in the management of the clinical and ancillary supply chain for the life sciences industry. Over the last decade, she and her team have focused on developing, enhancing, and innovating the A-KTO supply chain model.

At the beginning of the year, Ancillare received Wholesale Distribution Authorization (WDA) for Human use from the United Kingdom Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. This authorization would help the company in continuing to support the study sponsors’ European needs even in the wake of Brexit. “I think (the license is) a testament to the integrity and dedication of our global team. No matter how rapidly or exponentially things have changed on the global stage, we’ll always be ready to respond in service to our sponsors,” concludes Joanna.
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